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Rolfing is Mind and Body Education

My role as your Rolfer is to effect positive change in your body. Both through touch and by educating you about your body’s movement and its relationship with gravity and with your chosen lifestyle.

Structural Therapy

My name is Emily May, I am a Certified Rolfer from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I have a background in anatomy, thai massage, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. While I am first and foremost a Rolfer, my practice is also informed by my other avenues of investigation.

I became a Rolfer because Rolfing was the first therapy that really changed my body for the better in a lasting way, and I wanted to be able to offer other people this experience in turn.

Why get Rolfed?

Over time, our bodies desynchronize.

We all lead lives of habit; often this means bending over a computer, standing long hours, cooking, cleaning, driving, and sitting. The postures we may unthinkingly adopt while engaged in these everyday activities are pattern-forming, and over time can result in imbalanced bodies in which the parts are not well calibrated to one another, making for a system in which compensatory mechanisms abound and compound the effects of the pressure naturally exerted on the body by gravity.

What I can do for you:

As a Rolfer, my job has two facets. First, I carefully observe clients’ bodies at rest and in motion, identifying areas that stand out within the structure. Through profound physical manipulation of the connective tissue (fascia), I work to bring bones and muscles into a more beneficial alignment, loosening excessively tightened tissue to allow clients greater freedom of movement, ease pain, and heighten stability.

The second facet of my work is the capacity of the process to bring about greater awareness body, and a more vibrant experience of embodiment. As a Rolfer, not only do I perform body work on clients to directly and profoundly address desynchronization of the body with itself; I also provide clients with tools that they can use in their everyday lives to further their own embodiment, such as stretches and alterations to posture– and of course, greater sensitivity to and a more sophisticated understanding of the workings of their own bodies.

Find your gravity; feel your energy.

Rolfing helps restore balance literally from our heads to our toes. My goal is to get your body to place in which it works as a single unit, stable, flexible, and energetic. Better postural alignment alone means expending less energy while moving through the day.

Anyone who is active will occasionally hit a hurdle in their progress, whether physical or mental. Perhaps you’ve suffered an injury; perhaps you’re just curious about how to take your performance to a new level. Together we can help your body to realize its full physical potential.

Reasons to Try Structural Therapy

More Ease in Your Body

Deeper Embodiment

Increased Flexibility

Increase in Energy

Decreased Physical Pain


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Emily seeks balance and meditation in the Redwood Forest.